USAA Warns of Malware-Laden Phishing Scam


USAA this week issued a notice to its members warning of a phishing scam that tries to install a banking Trojan on victims' PCs.

"The phishing e-mails have the subject line 'Deposit Posted' and even include a randomly generated four digit 'Security Zone' number that mimics the customer's actual USAA member number, the firm said," writes Threatpost's Paul Roberts.

"USAA said that the e-mail messages do not contain malicious links, but do ask members to open an attachment that, once opened, will install a 'malicious banking virus' designed to steal user account information and that would 'require a complete reinstall of your [computer's] operating system,'" Roberts writes.

Go to "USAA Warns Members Of Sophisticated Phishing Scam" to read the details.

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