U.S. Is Leading Malware-Hosting Nation

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According to Solutionary's Security Engineering Research Team (SERT) Quarterly Threat Intelligence Report for Q4 2013, the United States was the leading malware-hosting nation in the fourth quarter of last year, hosting 44 percent of all malware.

The U.S. hosted five times more malware than the second-leading malware-hosting nation, Germany, which was responsible for 9 percent of all malware in Q4 2013.

"We aren’t just talking about foreign espionage campaigns, APTs and breaches; many of these malicious activities are taking place within U.S. borders," Solutionary SERT director of research Rob Kraus said in a statement. "Malware and, more specifically, its distributors are utilizing the technologies and services that make processes, application deployment and website creation easier."

Amazon and GoDaddy were identified as the top malware-hosting providers, with a 16 percent and a 14 percent share, respectively.

The full report is available here.