U.S. Analyst Blames Russia for Stuxnet Malware


According to Dr. Panayotis A. Yannakogeorgos, a cyber defense analyst with the U.S. Air Force Research Institute, Russia could well have been responsible for the Stuxnet worm.

"He suggested it was much better for the Russians to plant a worm with digital US-Israeli fingerprints so it would have to appear as if it were a clandestine operation by an adversary that didn't have access to the gateway entry points," writes TechEye's Edward Berridge.

"Yannakogeorgos noted that it was a Belarusian computer security expert who 'discovered' the code," Berridge writes. "But they mysteriously did not seem interested in reverse engineering the malicious code to see what it was designed to do. Symantec researchers took on that task."

Go to "US claims Russia behind Stuxnet" to read the details.

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