Trend Micro: Jacksbot Malware Found in the Wild


Trend Micro's Johanne Demetria reports that two computers have been found to be infected with the Jacksbot malware, which was first discovered by Intego.

"We analyzed the JACKSBOT backdoor family (specific detection name JAVA_JACKSBOT.A) that arrives as a Java application," Demetria writes. "Because it is a Java application, it can run on any platform that supports the Java Runtime Environment. When it was first reported, it was considered low risk and no actual infection was recorded. However, days after the report was released, Trend Micro successfully cleaned two infection counts; one in Australia and one in Malaysia. This indicates that the malware is now being distributed in the wild."

"The malware is capable of visiting URLs, creating files and/or folders, running shell commands, as well as executing and ending programs," writes The Next Web's Emil Protalinski. "It can also steal information by logging keystrokes and mouse events. ... While Trend Micro has only detected two infections so far, the fact that malware authors have chosen the multiplatform route shows that they are in it for the long haul. Malware writers love exploiting Java because it’s simply more efficient: it allows them to target more than one operating system, more than one browser, and thus more than one type of user."