Spammers Distributing Malware via Dropbox


According to Symantec's Nick Johnston, spammers have begun using Dropbox to push both malware and pharmaceuticals.

"Symantec identified more than 1,200 spammy Dropbox URLs in use over a 48 hour time-period," writes Threatpost's Brian Donohue. "Scammers upload image links to the questionable Dropbox accounts. The images use simple html to redirect users to the typical Canadian Pharma scam-sites."

"Johnston also notes a recent malware campaign where Brazilian cyber criminals posted a file asking a user to upload some photos to a social network," Donohue writes. "The folder contained links to infected sites that had been disguised to look like the image file names used by digital cameras."

Go to "Spammers Using Dropbox to Push Fake Pills, Malware" to read the details.

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