Mystery Duqu Malware Code Identified

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Kaspersky researchers recently identified the Duqu Trojan's "mystery code" with the help of programmers worldwide.

"Weeks after announcing that they had discovered computer code of unknown provenance in the innards of the Duqu Trojan, Kaspersky announced that the mystery code was written in the common C programming language and compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008," writes Threatpost's Paul Roberts. "However, the Duqu authors modified the underlying C code with a customized extension for combining object oriented programming with the older C language – a variant sometimes termed 'OO C.'"

"While much is still not known about who created Duqu -- for example: its exact purpose or country of origin -- Kaspersky Lab researchers say that those behind it were running a 'highly sophisticated' operation, typical of what is found in 'complex 'civil' software projects, rather than contemporary malware,'" Roberts writes.

Go to "Duqu’s 'Mystery Code' Not New - Just 'Old School'" to read the details.

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