Malware Campaign Uses Iranian Nuclear Program as Lure

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Security researcher Mila Parkour is warning of a new targeted e-mail attack that tries to lure victims with the promise of information on Iran's nuclear program.

"The rogue emails contain an attachment called 'Iran's Oil and Nuclear Situation.doc,' that has malicious Flash content embedded inside," writes PCWorld's Lucian Constantin. "When the Word document is opened, Flash Player tries to download and play a malformed MP4 file, which triggers a memory corruption and gives the exploit arbitrary code-execution ability on the machine."

"The exploit is designed to drop and install a computer Trojan detected by some antivirus products as Graftor or Yayih.A, Parkour said," Constantin writes.

Go to "Iranian Nuclear Program Used as Lure in Flash-based Targeted Attacks" to read the details.

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