Kaspersky Warns of Malicious Extensions on Chrome Web Store

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According to researchers at Kaspersky Lab, scammers are using malicious Chrome browser extensions on the official Chrome Web Store to take over Facebook accounts.

"The rogue extensions are advertised on Facebook by scammers and claim to allow changing the color of profile pages, tracking profile visitors or even removing social media viruses, said Kaspersky Lab expert Fabio Assolini in a blog post on Friday," writes CIO's Lucian Constantin.

"Once installed in the browser, these extensions give attackers complete control over the victim's Facebook account and can be used to spam their friends or to Like pages without authorization," Constantin writes. "In one case, a rogue extension masqueraded as Adobe Flash Player and was hosted on the official Chrome Web Store, Assolini said. By the time it was identified, it had already been installed by 923 users."

Go to "Facebook Scammers Host Trojan Horse Extensions on the Chrome Web Store" to read the details.

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