Kaspersky Warns of Bitcoin-Mining Skype Malware


Kaspersky Lab researchers recently came across a Skype malware campaign that leverages infected machines to mine Bitcoins. According to VirusTotal, only 9 of 45 anti-virus solutions currently detect the malware, which Kaspersky identifies as Trojan.Win32.Jorik.IRCbot.xkt.

Most victims currently live in Italy, Russia, Poland, Costa Rica, Spain, Germany and Ukraine -- and there are a lot of them. At this point, according to Kaspersky, the campaign is generating more than 2,000 clicks per hour.

Once a machine is infected, the malware connects to a command and control server in Germany and downloads several other pieces of malware from file hosting site Hotfile.com.

Among other things, the malware turns the infected PC into a Bitcoin miner. "It abuses the CPU of infected machine to mine Bitcoins for the criminal. ... If you see your machine is working hard, using all available CPU resources, you may be infected," writes Kaspersky Lab's Dmitry Bestuzhev.