Google Adds Malware Distribution Warnings

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Google recently began warning network operators about dedicated domains that are being leveraged for malware distribution.

"Last fall, Google began a program through which operators of autonomous systems (AS) could sign up to receive information about any malicious content that Google's scanners found on sites they owned or operated," writes Threatpost's Dennis Fisher. "The Google Safe Browsing Alerts are meant to give operators an early heads-up when a site on their network has been compromised and is being used either as an attack site or as another piece of an attack chain."

"Up until now, Google had been simply alerting administrators about compromised sites on their networks," Fisher writes. "Now, that program is expanding to include malware distribution sites that could be hidden on a large network."

Go to "Google Expands Safe Browsing Alerts to Include Malware Distribution Sites" to read the details.

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