Fujitsu Developing Malware for Japanese Government

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On behalf of the Japanese government, Fujitsu is working on 'seek and destroy' malware, which is designed to determine the sources of cyber attacks and disable them.

"The fledgling cyber-weapon is the result of a three-year $2.3 million project that also involved developing tools capable of monitoring and analysing the sources of hacking attacks, The Daily Yomiuri reports," writes The Register's John Leyden.

"The malware [has] reportedly been tested in a 'closed network environment,'" Leyden writes. "The tool reportedly has the greatest potential in tracking back the sources of DDoS attacks. Whether it's any good at the much more difficult process of picking out stealthy industrial espionage-style information-stealing attempts remains unclear."

Go to "Japan tasks Fujitsu with creating search-and-destroy cyber-weapon" to read the details.

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