ESET Warns of Cyber-Espionage Botnet

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ESET researchers say a Web site operated by the Georgian government is part of a botnet being used to conduct cyber-espionage against Georgian residents.

"But does that mean Georgia is conducting the cyber-espionage, or that its website run by the Georgia government is compromised by enemies of the country? Because the botnet's command-and-control operations lack some elements of stealth that might be expected, [ESET] reports it may simply be 'a group of cyber criminals trying to find sensitive information in order to sell it to other organizations,'" writes Network World's Ellen Messmer.

"Win32/Georbot has a command-and-control structure that has exploited the website of the Georgian government for some time to drive some controls, says ESET researcher Righard Zwienenber," Messmer writes.

Go to "Cyber-espionage botnet tied to country of Georgia website remains a mystery" to read the details.

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