DevilRobber Trojan Gets New Disguise

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F-Secure researchers recently uncovered a new variant of the DevilRobber Trojan.

"The original DevilRobber was being distributed in pirated versions of the popular program Graphic Converter, and in similar form the malware developers are targeting additional graphics tools by releasing this new version disguised as the popular image-editing program PixelMator," writes CNET News' Topher Kessler.

"Unlike the original version of the malware that ran embedded in full versions of Graphic Converter, the new version contains none of the legitimate PixelMator code and instead is only disguised as the program," Kessler writes. "When run, the fake PixelMator program acts as a basic downloader that will contact some FTP servers and download and install the malware."

Go to "DevilRobber Trojan now disguised as PixelMator" to read the details.

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