Comodo Launches Free Malware Scanning Service

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Certificate authority and Internet security solutions provider Comodo today introduced Comodo SiteInspector, a free malware scanning and blacklist monitoring service for Web sites.

Included with the free service is the ability to set up daily recurring checks on any three pages of a domain. If malware is discovered, or if the site is found to be on a blacklisting service, an e-mail is automatically sent to the account owner.

"Drive-by-download malware attacks launched from websites that fall victim to mass infections are highly common these days," notes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "In these situations, one of the main problems is that the owner doesn’t even know that his site is altered to serve pieces of malware. Another issue is that once the site is infected, blacklisting services, such as the ones run by Google, will restrict the traffic, a measure that can have devastating consequences for the business workflow.

"SiteInspector dramatically reduces the time between problem identification to problem resolution for business webites," Comodo CEO and chief architect Melih Abduhayoglu said in a statement. "No longer will businesses have to wait for angry customers to complain that their website contains malicious content."

As Web Host Industry Review's Nicole Henderson notes, the service looks similar to others such as SiteLock, StopTheHacker and GeoTrust's Web Site Anti-Malware Scan. "Comodo's new service and GeoTrust's service seem to be after the same market, and their primary business is not anti-malware scanning, unlike StopTheHacker and SiteLock," she writes. "A few of the most obvious differences [are that] GeoTrust's service delivers its service exclusively through channel partners, and its service automatically checks up to 50 web pages daily for malware strains, while GeoTrust's free service is delivered directly to customers (for now) and its scans are limited to three pages of one domain."