Australian Retailer Sells Malware-Infected Hard Drive


According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian filmmaker Darryl Manson recently purchased a 1.5 hard drive from retailer Dick Smith, only to find that it contained both malware and pirated films.

"Manson paid $129 (90 EUR) for the 1.5 terabyte portable unit (according to the label), but when he plugged it in to his computer he realized that in reality he could store only 30 gigabytes, most of which was already filled with pirated movies such as Toy Story," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs.

"He immediately started tweeting about what the merchant had done, and after the store’s representatives saw the posts, they sent someone to Manson’s house with a replacement hard drive," Kovacs writes. "Unfortunately for him, some nasty viruses infected his computer and corrupted some of the video files he was using for [a] motion picture."

Go to "Retailer Sells ‘New’ Hard Drive Full of Malware and Pirated Movies" to read the details.

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