58.2 Million Americans' Home PCs Were Infected by Malware in 2012

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According to Consumer Reports' Annual State of the Net Report, 58.2 million American adults suffered at least one malware infection that affected their home PC in the past year, and the cost of repairing the damage from those malware infections was almost $4 billion.

The report also states that 9.2 million Americans were victims of phishing attacks last year -- the companies whose names were exploited most often in successful phishing attacks were Bank of America, Chase, Facebook, PayPal and Visa.

On Facebook, the report states that 9.8 million adult Facebook users had their account used by an unauthorized person, had their reputation harmed, or were harassed, threatened or defrauded.

"Our Annual State of the Net Report revealed that home computers are no safer than they were last year," Consumer Reports technology editor Jeff Fox said in a statement. "Effective security software, like the ones we recommend in our latest ratings, is essential to protect against online threats."