Apple to Release Flashback Malware Detection, Removal Tool

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Apple recently announced plans to release software designed to detect and remove the Flashback malware.

"Apple did not indicate when it expected the tool to be released to the public, and a company spokesman could not provide an estimate," writes CNET News' Steven Musil.

"Apple also said that it is working with ISPs to help take down the sites that are serving the exploits and infecting Mac users," writes Threatpost's Dennis Fisher. "Researchers at Kaspersky Lab and other security companies have taken the step of sinkholing some of the command-and-control domains that the Flashback malware authors use to communicate with infected machines."

"Up until this point, Apple had remained mum on the subject, except for the release last week of two Java security updates -- for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and 10.6 (Snow Leopard)," writes SC Magazine's Dan Kaplan. "They patched the vulnerability being used to spread Flashback."

"The situation remains problematic for those who use Mac OS X versions that predate Snow Leopard (10.6), as Apple no longer provides Java updates for these versions," The H Security reports. "Instead, the company recommends that, to 'better protect' themselves from this malware, users disable Java in their browser preferences."

"Security company Kaspersky has also developed a free tool for detecting and removing Flashback," writes Computerworld's Sarah Jacobsson Purewal.