Apple Enhances Account Security

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According to The Next Web's Matt Brian, Apple recently began requiring users with Apple IDs within iTunes and on iOS devices to select three security questions to answer when they download apps. The request appears in a pop-up when an app is purchased.

"Whilst the new prompt will undoubtedly help secure accounts, many Apple device owners are confused by the new pop-up message and believe it is a phishing attempt," Brian writes. "In the past 24 hours, a number of threads have popped up on Apple’s Support Forums that discuss the added security step, questioning its authenticity."

"With iTunes and the App Store booming in recent years, Apple IDs have inevitably become a target for scammers who want your account information either to obtain free music, movies, and software; or to purchase their own apps and generate cash," writes Cult of Mac's Killian Bell.

Still, CNET News' Lance Whitney says the new requirements aren't being pushed out to all users at once. "The additional security is aimed at accounts that may have triggered a flag for one reason or another," he writes. "I tried logging in and out of my iPhone and iTunes accounts, and no additional security requests popped up."