ZHC Hackers Hit Israel's Vice Prime Minister

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Members of ZCompany Hacking Crew recently breached several online accounts belonging to Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom, including his Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Gmail and Blogger accounts.

In a Pastebin post, the hackers published Shalom's telephone number and some of his e-mail addresses, along with his e-mail contact list and several screenshots of his e-mails.

"The politician's Twitter feed stayed filled with pro-Palestine status updates for several hours, including: 'Who can bare to see the horror, the deaths of children and innocent people trying to protect their occupied land? STOP THE WAR #GAZA,'" BBC News reports. "The hackers changed Mr Shalom's Facebook page, replacing it with an image bearing the words 'Free Palestine.' The page has since been taken down."

"While Shalom doesn’t have a large following on the aforementioned social networks, he is an important political figure with key contacts, and so this leak could end up being very significant," writes The Next Web's Emil Protalinski.

"On their Twitter feed, the hackers reveal that although they do work on some project with Anonymous hacktivists, they’re a 'completely separate team,'" notes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "They also highlight the fact that the attacks they’ve launched against Israel aren’t part of a cyberwar. Instead, this is their way of showing solidarity with Gaza and protesting against 'Israeli brutalities.'"