World of Warcraft Hackers Jailed in China


In China's Zhejiang province, 10 men were recently sentenced to as many as two years in prison for illegally accessing and emptying more than 10,000 World of Warcraft accounts (h/t Kotaku).

One of the group, surnamed Chen, led a "studio" that purchased stolen World of Warcraft accounts for approximately $1 each, then emptied them, selling virtual gear and gold from the accounts for an average of $3 per account. Another member of the group named Zhu then started his own studio to do the same.

Between the two of them, Zhu and Chen purchased and emptied more than 11,500 accounts, from which they earned more than $10,000 in profit.

Chen was sentenced to two years in prison and fined $8,000, while the others were sentenced to just under two years and fined around $1,000. All of the group's profits were also seized by the Chinese government, along with their computer equipment.