Websolutions Hacked by Rex Mundi


Members of the extortionist hacker group Rex Mundi recently breached the Italian Web host Websolutions (h/t Softpedia).

In a Pastebin post, the hackers claimed to have downloaded the company's entire database and accessed its back-end admin tool.

"We are now in possession of their customers' records, which include their names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, logins and passwords, in addition to hosted email and FTP accounts," the hackers wrote. "As always, we offered Websolutions not to publicly disclose any of their customers' data if they paid us a reasonable amount of money, which they haven't done so far. As we mentioned in the emails we sent them, they have until next Friday to pay up or face getting their entire records posted on the Internet."

To prove that they had gained access, the hackers published sample data including admin login credentials, user data and advertising data.

The same group recently hit Swiss Web host Hoststar in a similar manner, though it's not clear whether or not the ransom was paid.