Warner Bros., China Telecom Hacked

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Members of Swagg Security recently announced that they had breached the networks of both Warner Bros. and China Telecom.

"The group leaped to prominence in February when it took credit for a breach of Foxconn network security, resulting in the theft of usernames, passwords, and other private information," notes CNET News' Steven Musil. "(Foxconn, a Taiwanese hardware manufacturer, has been the frequent target of criticism over its factory working conditions.)"

"SwaggSec claims it stole and leaked ... more than 900 China Telecom administrators' credentials, obtained through an insecure SQL server, as a means of empowering the Chinese people against their government," writes SecurityNewsDaily's Matt Liebowitz. "'We give 'em the taste of the people, the people they don' care about,' the hackers wrote. 'And it's funny, now what's going to happen? All their passwords in the hands of the people they don't care about?'"

"As for Warner Bros, it says, hacking the company's intranet revealed that the company was aware of 'critical vulnerabilities' -- but had done nothing about them, giving Swaggsec 'complete access to their servers,'" writes TG Daily's Emma Woollacott.

"The Warner Bros. data includes a report marked 'confidential' and titled 'Content Security Status Update' dated the week ending April 27," writes Computerworld's Jeremy Kirk. "It is an evaluation of the company's websites, including the top 10 sites with the most open medium-risk vulnerabilities. It also lists the top 10 medium to high-risk vulnerabilities on its networks, with the top two being cross-site scripting and unsupported SSL."