UK Police Web Sites Hacked

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The Web sites for the UK's Hertfordshire Police and Nottinghamshire Police have been hacked, and some officers' login details have been published on Pastebin.

"The hacker added an 'OpFreeAssange' banner to the details posted online, and also added a quote from the Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange," BBC News reports. "There have been a number of hacking attacks since the UK government said it would arrest and extradite Mr Assange if he left Ecuador's embassy in London. However, the hacker in this case distinguished himself from other attacks by writing 'I am not a member of Anonymous' -- a reference to the hacktivist group that has claimed responsibility for other actions."

In a statement given to the BBC, the Hertfordshire Police said, "Hertfordshire Constabulary is currently investigating following the publication on the Internet of information stored on a database linked to the public Safer Neighbourhoods pages of the external Constabulary Web site. As a precaution these pages have been temporarily disabled whilst the circumstances as to how this information was obtained is investigated. There is absolutely no suggestion that any personal data relating to officers or members of the public has been, or could have been compromised."

"The attack, say the accompanying notes, was an easy one, and the information, a mix of phone numbers, email, IP and web addresses, is offered to anyone that wants to use it," writes The Inquirer's Dave Neal.

According to SC Magazine's Dan Raywood, Ash Patel, country manager for UK and Ireland at Stonesoft, notes, "The most worrying aspect of this attack is that the hackers only made themselves known once they had have achieved what they set out to. This raises an important question as to what other damage may have been caused and whether any other data was stolen that the force is currently not aware of."