UK Man Gets Two Years for Cyber Attacks on Universities, Police

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The UK's Kent Police recently announced that hacker Lewys Stephen Martin, 21, has been sentenced to two years in prison (h/t Kent News).

Martin pleaded guilty on Apri 12, 2013 to five counts of unauthorized acts with intent to impair operation of or prevent/hinder access to a computer, two counts of unauthorized computer access with intent to commit other offenses, one act of unauthorized computer access with intent to commit other offenses, and one act of unauthorized access to computer material.

The charges were related to Martin's attacks on the Web sites of Cambridge University, Oxford University, and the Kent Police on January 29 and February 1 and 2 of 2012. All three Web sites were temporarily disrupted, but no data was compromised.

"Cyber attacks are a nuisance and cause aggravation as well as costs to countless private and public organisations up and down the country," Kent Police detective constable Nicky Holland-Day said in a statement. "Most websites have systems in place to prevent them being compromised, and none of those attacked in these instances suffered any more than a temporary disruption. However, those who try to carry out these attacks will be traced and brought before the courts, like Martin, to face the consequence of their actions."

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