UGNazi Hacker Takes Over Another Westboro Twitter Account

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After taking over the Twitter account of Westboro Baptist Church spokesperson Shirley Phelps-Roper earlier this week, UGNazi hacker Cosmo the God (or someone pretending to be him) yesterday commandeered the Twitter account of Fred Phelps Jr. The account has since been suspended.

"Phelps Jr. is the son of church leader Fred Phelps Sr.," writes Wired's Mat Honan. "Cosmo took over the @WBCFredJR Twitter account via Phelps’ Hotmail account, which he gained entry to by forwarding the password-reset phone number on the Hotmail account to the phone number he controlled, according to Wired’s source."

"The teen hacker, as you'll remember, is under probation and prohibited from touching a computer without permission for the next six years," writes Gizmodo's Sam Biddle. "This would certainly be a violation of these terms, and an express ticket to jail for the 15-year-old. So is he putting half a decade of his life on the line to screw one of America's most hated groups? It's possible. Or it's a diversion."

According to Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs, though, the hacker involved isn't Cosmo the God, but fellow UGNazi hacker Shm00p. "The WBC continues to be targeted by hacktivists," Kovacs writes. "So far, the hackers have taken down the organization’s websites and leaked the personal details of their members, but they claim that #OpWBC is far from being over."