Turkish Ajan Hacker Group Hits Gigabyte Technology

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Hacker Maxney of the Turkish Ajan Hacker Group recently breached and defaced four subdomains of the Web site for Taiwan's Gigabyte Technology.

According to E Hacking News, the hacker also published a database containing employees' full names, plain text passwords and e-mail addresses, along with a backup file containing the full Web site source code. According to HackRead, sales records, PowerPoint presentations, product details and future plans were also leaked.

The defacements read, "Hacked by TurkishAjan (since '08). Hacked by Maxney. Bazen birseyleri degistirmek gerekir. Sometimes must be something."

The four defaced subdomains were websys.gigabyte.com, gcenter.gigabyte.com/index.html, peripheral.psn.gigabyte.com/index.html, and nbstk.gigabyte.com/index.html.

No reason was given for the attack.

The Turkish Ajan Hacker Group has been increasingly active lately, with other recent targets including MTV, Avast, Renault, Acer, and McDonald's.