Tokyo Police Arrest Cat-Loving Hacker

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Police in Tokyo recently arrested Yusuke Katayama, 30, for allegedly hijacking other people's computers to make online threats, then taunting Japanese media and police with riddles that led them to a memory card strapped to a cat's collar.

"Katayama was arrested on suspicion of forcible obstruction of business for using [a] computer virus to remotely access the computers of others and send out threats through them, including mass murder in a school and on the streets of Osaka," The Asahi Shimbun reports.

"Katayama’s actions led to a huge embarrassment for Japan’s National Police Agency, who were forced to admit obtaining 'confessions' from four individuals across the country who had no idea their computers were compromised, and no connection to the suspect," writes The Japan Daily Press' Adam Westlake.

"An anonymous hacker then sent messages to newspapers and broadcasters last month, with the sender claiming details of a computer virus used to dispatch the threats were strapped to a cat living on an island near Tokyo," AFP reports. "After cracking a set of riddles, police found the cat and removed a digital memory card from its collar which revealed a message saying 'a past experience in a criminal case' had caused the hacker to act."

"A security camera on Enoshima captured footage of a man resembling Katayama approaching the cat, which already had a collar, the police said, adding they also have footage of a motorbike he apparently used," The Japan Times reports.

"Japan’s ANN News reports that the day before Katayama was arrested, he spent about an hour at a cat cafe in Tokyo’s Asakusa, where he ordered a beer and played with cats," writes Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft. "The manager of the cat cafe said that Katayama really got into playing with the cats, picking them up and spinning them around on the floor. 'It seemed like he was really into cats,' the cafe’s manager said."