Time Warner Cable Hacked, Defaced by NullCrew

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NullCrew hackers recently added a defacement page to Time Warner Cable's support Web site. The defacement includes a picture of the "rustled my jimmies" gorilla, along with database information including an admin username and password.

"Funny enough, it seems that the IT guys at Time Warner Cable never thought to change their admin password from the default 'changeme,'" writes WebProNews' Zach Walton. "Beyond that, a few names and chat logs from the support site were posted, but no confidential information was shared with the public."

Still, the hackers tweeted, "The support system we hacked to Time Warner Cable was still in use. There were active sessions and many support logs from that day."

"'We hacked Time Warner Cable, due to them attempting to participate in the six strikes,' the group tweeted," MSN reports. "'Six strikes' is shorthand for the CAS, a new system that's designed to alert users when they're pirating copyrighted files. Internet denizens are particularly incensed by its fifth and sixth alert, which hamstring a user's Internet service."