TheKittenCr3w Hacker Claims to Have Fled the U.S.

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Hacker vandalcat, a member of the hacker group TheKittenCr3w, recently posted announcements on Twitter and Pastebin claiming that he's leaving the U.S. after determining that he was being followed by government agents.

On Pastebin earlier today, vandalcat called himself "the co-pilot of TheKittenCr3w" and stated, "I have noticed that I have been followed by some private intelligence idiots, or by the FBI scums. Otherwise, I don't want to go to jail for 15 years, so I will leave USA, and live somewhere else, other than USA. I will never retire from hacking. I will be still in TheKittenCr3w. I will be leaving in a week or so. I already booked tickets."

Soon after, TheKittenCr3w tweeted, "@vandalc4t is in the duty free zone in the airport. Flying away in an hour! #PrayForVandal"

As a parting gift, the hackers released what they claim are more than 2,400 PayPal e-mail addresses and passwords in plain text, stating, "This is posted for vandalcat, who left the USA 4 hours ago, as he was followed by the feds. Pray for vandal."

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