Teen Hacker Arrested in Argentina

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The Independent reports that police in Argentina have arrested an unidentified 19-year-old on suspicion of running a cyber fraud network that he leveraged to steal approximately $600,000 a year -- he was diverting about $50,000 a month from money transfer and gaming Web sites to his own bank account.

The arrest was part of Operation Zombie, which was launched in 2012 when a Web hosting provider discovered that a hacker was remotely accessing his servers in order to intercept money transfers. The hacker allegedly used a network of "zombie" computers to target servers with denial of servers attacks so users wouldn't be able to access their accounts while funds were being stolen.

According to a statement from Argentina's Ministry of Security, "Internet users were victims of a 'malware' virus that the hacker hosted in a server for downloading online gaming applications."

The teenager was initially detained at his home in Buenos Aires in July 2013, according to the Independent. His arrest follows five police raids in Buenos Aires, and another in the city of Rosario.