TechRadar Hacked

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Hackers recently accessed the user registration database of Future Publishing's tech news site TechRadar, and stole user names, e-mail addresses, dates of birth and encrypted passwords.

"TechRadar learned of the breach on June 22 during a routine site update," writes SecurityNewsDaily's Matt Liebowitz.

"Our IT team has identified the cause of the problem and has taken action to rectify it," TechRadar publisher Nick Merritt wrote in a statement on the site. "The forums have been closed and will remain closed until we are satisfied there are no further issues and the forum can be safely restored to service."

"TechRadar says that the passwords were 'encrypted.' I am not sure how to take that," notes Sophos' Chester Wisniewski. "Were they hashed? Were they salted? How many rounds? Saying 'encrypted' raises more questions than answers."

"The situation is complicated by that fact that TechRadar was born out of the merger of multiple computing magazine forums," writes PC Advisor's Matt Egan. "As the hack has compromised the data of all users in the TechRadar database, some members of pre-existing forums may not even know that their details have been leaked. They will, of course, receive the email that Future is sending out. TechRadar claims it receives more than 7 million global visitors a month."