TeamGhostShell Hackers Hit Chinese University, Forex Trading Site

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Members of TeamGhostShell recently published over 150,000 user names, hashed passwords and e-mail addressees stolen from an online education Web site for China's Hangzhou Dianzi University, along with thousands of user names, hashed passwords, e-mail addresses and private forum messages from FXTrader.eu, a European foreign exchange trading site.

"The group said it attacked the technical university's online education site, which is currently offline, because 'of the hilarious irony,'" writes SecurityNewsDaily's Matt Liebowitz.

"Other data found in the data dump contains the names of 705 database tables, and 235 mobile phone numbers and email addresses of the university’s IT staff," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "The hackers have demonstrated once again that MD5 hashes are usually easy to decrypt and posted some of the passwords in clear text, which is why we will not provide a link to the data leak."

"From the [FXTrader.eu] website’s database TeamGhostShell leaked the names of 172 tables, 515 forum usernames and email addresses, 208 user locations, 376 ICQ IDs, the hobbies and occupations of around 200 customers, and 482 MD5 password hashes," ITN News reports. "The leak also contains 1908 administrator login IP addresses, 39 admin usernames, and a handful of their password hashes. From a table called cur_forum_users they extracted more than 600 password hashes, 835 usernames, and 824 email addresses."

"The group said the fxtrader hack was part of revenge attacks to 'pay back the police, the informants, the snitches, the politicians, the stupid and the corrupt,'" writes SC Magazine's Darren Pauli. "The group did not immediately reply when asked how the attacks were launched."