TeamBerserk Hackers Claim Breach of FBI Press Office


Members of the hacker group Team Berserk recently claimed to have breached the Web site for the FBI press office, and made several unclassified documents available online.

In a statement published on Pastebin, the hackers wrote, "There are real threats out there against all Americans and the United States. Most of the threats are bulls**t, but we felt that many of you needed to see a selection of these documents to demonstrate that there are in fact real dangers. Americans are under attack on a daily basis by all kinds of dangerous people, dangerous foreigners and even some of our own citizens."

The hackers also published a link to a zip file containing 59.2MB of unclassified files covering topics ranging from bath salts to the Boston Marathon bombings -- along with an empty folder named Classified. "We can't show you the scarier things, but these other documents are being circulated among Anonymous," the hackers wrote. "If Anonymous agrees to release those they will be released to the public."