Syrian Hacker Defaces Turkish Government Web Sites


As part of #opTurkey, hacker SeCuR!TY DR@G0N, a member of the Syrian SeCuR!TY Li0NS HaCK3RS, recently hacked and defaced 55 Web sites, including five belonging to the Turkish government (h/t HackRead).

The defacement pages state, "Freedom For Turkey / I Hack This Site To Convert A message From Syria To the World / Turkish people Killed by The offender Erdogan / The Syrian people with Turkish people / Erdogan Government stupid make Turkey lose all the friends in the region / We appeal to the world to stand by the Turkish people / Stop killing the Turks And the Syrians because history will not forgive and will never foget."

Members of Anonymous announced the launched of Operation Turkey on June 1 with a press release stating, "Turkey is supposed to be a so called 'modern' democracy, but the Turkish government behaves like the petty dictators in China or Iran. Anonymous is outraged by this behavior, and we will unite across the globe and bring the Turkish government to it's knees. ... Let the 'Turkish Summer' begin!"

The hackers also posted a page of "operational information" including a user name and password for Wi-Fi access in Istanbul's Taksim Square, dialup Internet and VPN access information, instructions for how to access the Internet in the case of government Internet shutdown, and instructions on how to protect yourself from tear gas.