Syrian Electronic Army Hackers Hit Qatar

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The Qatar Foundation's Twitter and Facebook accounts were hacked on March 1 by members of the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA).

"After being hacked, the Twitter account was showing dozens of tweets from the hackers," HackRead reports. "The last message [linked to] a YouTube video showing a protester holding up a sign saying 'USA, EU, Italy, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey support terrorists' while US Secretary of State John Kerry speaks."

"Hacks like this are good for publicity -- the SEA even released a dramatically soundtracked video of the hack -- but they don’t have much staying power," writes The Washington Post's Caitlin Dewey. "In the case of the Qatar Foundation, the offending tweets had been deleted within six hours."

"'Recently, Qatar Foundation’s social media channels were compromised. We have now addressed this issue, and we thank our online community for their patience and support,' Qatar Foundation representatives wrote on Facebook on Sunday," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs.

"Many people on social networking sites said that Qatar is being targeted because of its stance supporting the people of Syria," writes Zawya's Azmat Haroon. "'This act shows the weakness of the enemy, who is losing the battle on ground and in the media,' said a tweet by a Qatari citizen."

"Qatar’s government recently sent $100 million in humanitarian aid to Syria, and has been accused by supporters of the Assad regime of supporting anti-Assad forces in the country," writes Quartz's Christopher Mims. "Qatar was among the first states to recognize the Syrian National Coalition as the new government of Syria, and has called on the UN security council to move against Assad’s forces."