Suspected SOCA Hackers Arrested in Norway

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Norwegian police last week arrested two teenagers, aged 18 and 19, who are suspected of involvement in recent denial of service attacks against the UK's Serious Organized Crime Agency and other targets.

According to BBC News, the charges carry a maximum sentence of six years in jail.

"Norwegian news sites nrk.no and digi.no reported the arrests," InformationAge reports. "The pair are suspected of a spate of recent cyber attacks throughout Norway, on targets including the Norwegian Lottery, and the Norwegian Police. ... The two hackers belong to a Norwegian hacking group called the DotNetF*ckers, Norwegian newspaper Nordlys.no reports, adding that the group has been linked with the recent attacks against SOCA and German newspaper Bild."

"A spokeswoman for Norway's National Criminal Investigation Service confirmed that two suspects had been arrested, questioned and charged over computer hacking offences," writes The Register's John Leyden. "She was unable to confirm either the names of the suspects or the sites they had been accused of attacking. Both suspects have been released on bail pending further inquiries."

"'We have arrested the two we think were most important in these attacks, but we still want to talk to more people,' Norwegian prosecutor Erik Moestue said, adding that the anti-cyber crime department is yet to figure out the motive behind the attacks," writes Tech Hunter's Grant Teil.