SunTrust, Regions Bank Hit by Cyber Attacks


Members of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters followed up on their October 9 attack on Capital One by hitting the Web sites of SunTrust Bank on October 10, and Regions Bank today.

"SunTrust's website suffered intermittent glitches, suggesting the attack was either less severe than the previous attacks aimed at other institutions, whose websites were virtually shut down by the attacks, or that the bank managed the situation better," writes BankInfoSecurity's Tracy Kitten. "SunTrust spokesman Michael McCoy confirmed SunTrust's site had been hit by an uptick in traffic. 'We have seen increased online traffic today and experienced intermittent service availability of some online functions,' he said."

"If customers of Regions Bank were having trouble reaching the institution’s website Thursday, they could thank the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters, who returned earlier this week for the fourth week of Operation Ababil," writes Betabeat's Steve Huff. "Operation Ababil is an ongoing effort by cyber-attackers who say they plan to keep knocking American banks offline until 'Innocence of Muslims' has been taken off the web. While Google has blocked the video in countries where its bigoted content is illegal, the search giant has said it will not block the video in the U.S., citing laws that protect freedom of speech."

"The hackers claim that during the upcoming weekend they will plan the next attacks, which means that the campaign against US financial institutions -- Operation Ababil -- will likely continue," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs.