Study Finds Child Identity Theft on the Rise

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According to a recent study from AllClear ID, fully 10.7 of children are victims of identity theft, making them 35 times more likely than adults to have their identities stolen.

"The new data also showed that identity theft is increasing most quickly in young children," Help Net Security reports. "In fact, identity theft among children ages 5 and under grew 105 percent since last year -- the highest growth rate of any age group -- while 26 percent of children targeted were between the ages of six and ten, a 34 percent increase."

"Meanwhile, growth rates for kids over 11 remained flat, which indicates that criminals are now going after the SSNs of ever younger children," writes TechCrunch's Sarah Perez.

"Young children have become a popular target for criminals because they 'present a clean slate,'" writes MidlandsConnect.com's Kara Durrette. "Their identities are not tied to credit cards, student loans, or other lines of credit, which means loss can go undetected for years, according to the report."

"It's important for parents to understand that child ID theft is a real and growing trend," AllClear ID CEO Bo Holland said in a statement. "Rather than letting this trend continue, consumers -- parents especially -- should take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their child's livelihood."