State-Sponsored Hacker Group Stealing 1TB of Data a Day

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The Verge's Greg Sandoval reports that Team Cymru researchers have uncovered a "massive overseas hacking operation" that's collecting a terabyte of data per day.

"The report doesn't identify who might be behind the attacks, but Team Cymru director Steve Santorelli conceded that, given the amount of resources behind the attacks, it is obvious the group is state-sponsored," Sandoval writes. "'This is Internet theft on an industrial level,' said Santorelli, a former detective with Scotland Yard."

"The study, shared exclusively with The Verge, says that overseas hackers are stealing as much as one terabyte of data per day from governments, businesses, militaries, and academic facilities," writes CNET News' Dara Kerr.

"Based on the company’s research, around 30,000 systems had data stolen over a period of a few years," writes Softpedia's Eduard Kovacs. "The cybercriminals use around 500 command and control servers, each being capable of communicating with 20 victims at a time. Each of these severs is capable of extracting around 2.4 GB of information per day, amounting to 1 TB of data stolen per day, and 365 TB in a year."