Soccer Team Hit by Hackers

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Turkish hackers recently hacked the Web site of soccer team FC Spartak Moscow after the Russian team's fans burned Turkish flags and pictures of Atatürk during a Champions League playoff match against Turkish team Fenerbahce on August 21.

"Photos from the match show Spartak fans holding a picture of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey and a revered figure for many Turks, upside down and reports that the image was later burned have sparked anger on Fenerbahce fan sites," RIA Novosti reports.

"The group replaced the website's original content with a statement that called on the team to 'immediately apologize,'" The Hürriyet Daily News reports. "'You will immediately apologize to the Turkish Republic and the Turkish people. No crime goes without punishment, and FIFA may forgive you, but we won't,' the statement read. A portrait of Atatürk next to a Turkish flag was also posted on the website."

"Spartak are due to travel to Istanbul for the second leg next Wednesday," AFP reports. "The Spartak site was running again by Thursday afternoon after the club used its Twitter account to blame the incident on 'Turkish hackers.'"