Sentencing of Hacker Sabu Postponed Again

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LulzSec hacker turned FBI informant Hector Xavier Monsegur, a.k.a. Sabu, was due to be sentenced in New York on February 22 -- but his sentencing, which was already delayed last August, has been postponed once again.

"Monsegur was due to appear at a Manhattan federal court on Friday for sentencing on ten counts of hacking, one of bank fraud, and one of identity theft, which together carried a maximum penalty of 124 years," writes The Guardian's Charles Arthur. "But the sentencing was put off without explanation -- though Monsegur had been expected to be given only a suspended sentence after having pleaded guilty to the charges in August 2011."

"'Whoops Sabu's sentencing was *not* today,' Gawker reporter Adrian Chen wrote on Twitter. 'Clerk in the courtroom said she didn't know when it would be?' With the mystery postponement, sentencing for Monsegur has failed to occur 20 months after his arrest," RT reports.

"His cooperation with the authorities led to the March 2012 arrest of several LulzSec members," writes CNET News' Charles Cooper. "Monsegur was later described in court documents as having 'proactively' cooperated with the FBI as it built its case. Following his arrest, The Wall Street Journal reported that information supplied by Monsegur had helped the FBI stop over 300 planned hacks."

"The latest sentencing delay in the New York court means Monsegur will now finally be sentenced a year later, in August 2013, although no date has yet been set. ... Whatever the outcome, he will go down in the short but eventful history of the anti-sec movement for having turned against his own, using his nominal leadership of LulzSec to help the authorities identify the other members after his arrest in June 2011," writes Techworld's John E. Dunn.