Rapid7: Hackers to Focus on Internet of Things in 2014

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Vulnerability management firm Rapid7 recently told CIO Insight's Robert Lemos that Internet-connected devices are becoming increasingly attractive targets for cyber criminals -- and while 2013 saw a few such attacks, the company says the number will surge in the coming year.

"This is only set to continue -- we're already seeing network-enabled toasters, kettles, fridges and much more emerging," Rapid7 told Lemos. "Unfortunately, researchers have found time and again that security issues abound on embedded devices, and they are typically very poorly patched."

The problem, according to Rapid7, is that time to market usually trumps security concerns as companies launch such products.

And Internet Identity, in its security predictions for 2014, predicts that those flaws will lead to the first murder by Internet-connected device in the coming year.

"With so many devices being Internet connected, it makes murdering people remotely relatively simple, at least from a technical perspective," Internet Identity president and CTO Rod Rasmussen said in a statement. "That’s horrifying. Killings can be carried out with a significantly lower chance of getting caught, much less convicted, and if human history shows us anything, if you can find a new way to kill, it will be eventually be used."

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