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Hacker Ag3ntBlack recently breached and defaced the Pakistani job site Pakistan Intelligence (h/t Cyber War News).

The hacker first announced the defacement on Twitter, writing, " H4Ck3d by #F**kYouSec i don't care … | also got their DB 10s of thousands of users info"

Cyber War News reports that the message on the defacement page read, "oHai all….time to look for a job using some other service…we haz ALL UR infoz…Y?… cuz i can…and U b33n sold out by poor security."

Two days later, Ag3ntBlack followed up by tweeting a link to a 2.2GB file hosted at According to Cyber War News, the file contained a single admin user name and encrypted password, along with the full names, phone numbers, addresses, job types and skill types of 76,030 registered users.

E Hacking News notes that the same site was previously breached and defaced in 2011.


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