NullCrew Hackers Hit Comcast

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Just a few days after members of NullCrew stole and leaked more than 20,000 Bell Canada customers' information, the same hackers claimed to have breached 34 Comcast mail servers (h/t DataBreaches.net).

"Fun Fact: 34 Comcast mail servers are victims to one exploit," the hackers tweeted.

Soon after, they tweeted, "NullCrew Vs Comcast ... Have fun, everyone," along with a link to a Pastebin page that has since been removed.

According to DataBreaches.net, the data dump included a list of more than 30 Comcast mail servers and details of the exploit. Each of the servers, the hackers said, run Zimbra and are vulnerable to a local file inclusion vulnerability.

In a statement provided to Multichannel News, a Comcast spokesman said, "We're aware of the situation and are aggressively investigating it. We take our customers' privacy and security very seriously and we currently have no evidence to suggest any personal customer information was obtained in this incident."