Nouri al-Maliki Hacked

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The Web site of Iraqi prime minster Nouri al-Maliki was recently breached and defaced.

"A group called 'TeaM KuWaiT HaCkErS' posted on Maliki's website a picture of two women in black weeping and expressing support for Iraqis who it said were fighting oppression," writes Reuters' Raheem Salman. "It compared the Shi'ite premier to neighboring Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, an ally of Shi'ite Iran, who is battling mainly Sunni rebels in an armed uprising that has killed 60,000 people. 'You want to be like Bashar al-Assad. You are a destroyer. Bashar is finished and victory is very close. God help you sons of Iraq against the tyranny,' the statement said."

"It was the second time that Al Maliki’s website has been hacked into in as many weeks," AFP reports. "A week ago, officials in his office took down the website and posted a message saying it was undergoing maintenance, and denying any attack at the time. 'We are trying to fix it now,' said Ali Al Mousawi, the premier’s spokesman. 'The problem is not about removing it, but about how to protect the website in the future.'"

"Maliki is mired in a political crisis that has pitted him against many of his government partners, just months ahead of provincial elections," VOA News reports. "The discord comes amid weeks of demonstrations in Iraq's majority-Sunni north and west. The protesters accuse Shi'ite-led authorities of targeting their community."

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