Miley Cyrus Hacker Gets Probation

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Josh Holly, who admitted having hacked into Miley Cyrus' Gmail account, among other crimes, received three years' probation at a sentencing hearing earlier this week.

"Holly, 22, from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, pleaded guilty last April to possessing about 200 stolen credit card numbers as well as running a celebrity MySpace pages spam scam that earned him an estimated $100,000," writes The Register's John Leyden.

"Holly was spared jail time because he'd agreed to inform on his former hacking cohorts to the FBI," Leyden writes. "Defence arguments that he was a 'first-time offender of immature mental age,' may also have counted in his favour."

Go to "Miley Cyrus hacker let off with probation" to read the details.

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