Michigan State University Hacked


Hacker DARWINARE recently published approximately 1,500 names, e-mail addresses, encrypted passwords, user IDs and mailing addresses stolen from Michigan State University.

"The hack was announced by the hacker on the Twitter with a link to [an] AnonPaste [page]," writes E Hacking News' Sabari Selvan. "According to the hacker's statement, he ... extracted the database by [a] MySQL Oracle Database Backdoor."

"@Darwinare has been leaking [the databases] of many high profile companies and universities, including the database of [the] University of Colorado," HackRead reports. "The hacker also played a vital role during #OpIsrael."

Last month, the hacker also claimed to have breached the Web site for Amazon UK.

The hacker didn't immediately provide a reason for the hack, but later stated on Twitter, "If I do not put a reason for my attacks, it's most likely #HFF (Hack For Fun)."