LulzSec Hackers Hit NTT DoCoMo

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Members of LulzSec recently published data taken from Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo (h/t Cyber War News).

Earlier today, the hackers tweeted, "TheLulzBoat will be releasing our first attack on a CISPA supporter at 2AM GMT (30 Minutes) #StopCISPA #CISPA #LulzSec Raisin da flags!!" -- then followed soon after with the following: "RT CISPA Supporter DOCOMO DataDump #StopCISPA #LulzSec - http://pastebin.com/sPeNARB6"

In a statement accompanying the data dump, the hackers wrote, "In utter disgust of the language in the CISPA bill we have decided to act. We are here to show the companies exactly how CISPA feels when used against us. We understand CISPA was not passed. This is still an issue. These companies have continued to support all internet censorship bills. It is time to take action. The internet was made to be a FREE and OPEN service for the world to use at the USERS will. Our first target is unique. They are part of the 'Wireless Alliance.' They angered us because they are hosted outside the United States but have a say in American policy. That company is DOCOMO."

The data dump includes server, admin, distributor, application and staff logins, as well as over 430 U.S.-based users' full names, e-mail addresses, home addresses, birthdates and credit card details in clear text. 1,800 phone numbers, plan names, and account numbers were also published.