LinkedIn Blog Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

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The LinkedIn blog was recently attacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, with site visitors redirected to a page supportive of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

"The striking thing about the Syrian Electronic Army attack on LinkedIn's blog is that, well, they attacked LinkedIn, which really seems to have very little to do with the conflict in Syria," notes The Atlantic Wire's Adam Martin. "On Thursday, the Linkedin blog is down, but before it went dark, Silicon Republic's John Kennedy reports, it bore an image of a Syrian flag, with President Bashar al-Assad standing in front of it, and this text : 'We are a group of Syrian youth who wanted to show the truth and therefore we used this website which was used to spread lies about Syria.'"

"A Twitter account labeled as belonging to a member of the Syrian Electronic Army also said LinkedIn had been hacked, linking to a mirror image of what users were reportedly redirected to earlier," write The Los Angeles Times' Emily Alpert and Rima Marrouch.

"In the past, Syrian hackers have gone after Middle Eastern news networks Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera, as well as their peers, Anonymous, taking down the social network AnonPlus," notes TNW's Nancy Messieh. "Their most recent attack on Al Arabiya saw the Syrian Electronic Army hack into the news network’s social media accounts, spreading false information about an explosion in Qatar, as well as the sacking of the Qatari Prime Minster and Foreign Minister."