Lakeland Hacked

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UK kitchenware store chain Lakeland recently began notifying its customers that its Web site was hit by hackers on July 19th "in a sophisticated and sustained attack" (h/t Graham Cluley).

"Lakeland [was] subjected to a sophisticated cyber-attack using a very recently identified flaw in the Java software used by the servers running our website, and indeed numerous websites around the world," Lakeland managing director Sam Rayner wrote in the notification e-mail. "This flaw was used to gain unauthorised access to the Lakeland web system and data."

While two encrypted databases were accessed, the company hasn't yet been able to find any evidence that data was stolen. Still, Lakeland has reset all of its customers' passwords, and is advising them to change their passwords on any other sites where they've used the same password.

"The security of our customers' data is hugely important to us and we are devastated to have fallen victim to these criminals," Rayner wrioe. "This has occurred despite the best efforts of ourselves and the industry leading IT company that runs our website for us to use the best security systems available."

Customers with questions are advised to call 015394 88100 or contact net.shop@lakeland.co.uk.

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